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Christmas Donation "Wünschewagen"

Release time : 2021 12 20


As in previous years, GSP Europe GmbH is donating to a charitable cause, this year our donation goes to the local organization "ABS-Wünschewagen - Dare to make last wishes ". 


The Wünschewagen is a project of the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund in Germany. It is a specially designed ambulances to fulfill the last, mostly long-cherished wishes of the terminally ill.


The terminally ill, often already in hospices or in the palliative wards of clinics, express their wishes to the operators. These organize trips, excursions and visits to cultural events or sights for the sick, usually together with their closest relatives.


For more than five years, committed Samaritans have been bringing people back to their favorite place at the end of their lives with the help of the project, which is financed exclusively through donations.


The ASB wagons start where relatives are overstrained, when a passenger can only be transported lying down, needs nursing medical care or the family does not dare to go on an excursion alone.


Thanks to donations and the commitment of our voluntary helpers, the wagons drive free of charge for their guests. Anyone who can still be transported is allowed to take a ride, the destination is up to those who wish - whether to the sea, to the stadium, to a concert, family or back home. As every wish is fulfilled.


Desired trips even during the Corona crisis

Our ASB wish-wagons are also in use during the Corona crisis and fulfill the diverse wishes of people in the last phase of life. The journeys take place under strict hygienic standards and in accordance with official requirements and recommendations. Desired trips that cannot currently be implemented (major events such as concert visits, football games, etc., due to travel restrictions) will be fulfilled in other ways if possible.

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