Quality Driven Performance


One of our missions is providing social contribution. Climate changes and the scarcity of energy increased awareness of sustainability. GSP is always committed to sustainable development.


Solar power system at GSP Nanjing factory

GSP attaches importance to protecting the environment, and GSP devotes to energy conservation and emission reduction. GSP is acting to build a better future as we set up a solar power system with 19,713 square meters’ solar panels at GSP Nanjing factory.


Annual average power generation of this system is about 3.6 million kw-h. It can provide 90 million kw-h of power generation in total in its 25 years of service life. This means reducing 89.73 million tons of dioxide emissions. In 2022, we will continue to invest 1.5 million dollars to add two sets of 800 kw solar power generation equipment to contribute to environmental protection.

New energy forklift

In all factories, we use electric forklifts instead of fuel forklifts to reduce exhaust emission.



Digitalization minimizes paper consumption. We publish GSP digital group newspaper as an example, this way reduces the use of paper about 3,000 kg per year. We devote ourselves to providing high quality digital catalogues to replace paper catalogues.


Product packaging improvement

GSP employs professional packing engineers to improve packaging. We do not use pallets when the transport quality can be ensured. Optimize the carton size of the product and avoid using too large carton to reduce the waste of transportation space.


VR (Virtual reality) factory

GSP sets up a VR factory to make the production site transparent and visual. Also, customers can access VR factory anytime, anywhere through the Internet, which improves convenience and lowers carbon emissions caused by business travel.




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