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● GSP driveline program includes normal and premium (OE-Line) front and rear drive shafts, propshafts and rear axle shafts. ● GSP offers over 7,000 SKUs and develop new products on a monthly basis. ● At present our range covers more than 95% VIO (Vehicles In Operation) for the European market.

  • Mainly applied to FWD wheel end

  • Mainly applied to differential end

  • Our drive shafts are based on OE specifications and optimized design.

  • GSP OE-Line drive shafts are 100% in-line with OE specifications for perfect installation and maximum performance even under extreme working conditions.

  • Customized spare parts reverse-engineered in accordance with original equipment manufacturer.

  • Acting as a differential shaft for driving rear wheels, normally go through the rear bridge, its inner side is connecting with gear spline of differential carrier,

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